Who am I?

“Become who you are” – Pindare

Nathalie Jongen

As a kinesiology practitioner, I am above all else a well-being facilitator. Valuing and developing your abilities is my primary goal. We work together, in total confidentiality, serving your unique purpose. The quality and honesty of our communication with one another is essential to this work we do

Why did I train as kinesiology practitioner?

After a difficult time in my life I consulted a kinesiology practitioner, and these sessions radically changed my outlook. Gradually, I felt much more relaxed, open, creative, enthusiastic, and able to realize and act upon my own choices. I found balance, enabling me to fully appreciate Life and Live authentically. Upon turning forty, I felt the need to put people at the forefront of my professional life. This desire led me to undertake kinesiology training.

And before kinesiology?

I studied chemistry at UCLouvain in Belgium. Then, after receiving my PhD at EPFL, I worked for more than 20 years in the field of scientific research where I successively held positions as researcher, project manager, R&D manager, and operational manager of a Swiss network of researchers.


Kinesiology training according to the KineSuisse criteria at the Institut Holistique de la Santé in Chavannes-près-Renens, Switzerland, from 2011 to 2015, including the following topics:

  • Touch For Health
  • Metaphors for Touch for Health
  • Three In One Concepts / One Brain
  • Educative Kinesiology (including Brain Gym)
  • Wellness Kinesiology
  • Behavioural Kinesiology
  • Academic Medicine: Anatomy-Physiology-Pathology and EPS Modules in Complementary Therapy

Continuing Education

In 2020

  • Hypersensitivity – reacting to the environment  (Various speakers, ASCA)
  • Highly sensitive children, how to root them and give them wings (Mireille Dürig & Aline Fridez)

In 2019

  • Burnout – The therapist’s role (Various speakers, ASCA)
  • Non Violent Communication (NVC) in therapeutic work (Angela Boss, IHS)
  • Kinesiology Child Family (Anne Claessens Jaquier, Equilibre Formation)

In 2018

  • Immunity or cancers: the challenge (Henri Joyeux, APTN)
  • Bach flowers, floral therapy (Bruno Gérard, IHS)
  • Energy – energetics (Michel Martinat, IHS)

In 2017

  • Double Doodle Play – Mirror pencil (Patrizia Poggi Trojani, IHS)
  • Essential Oils & Brain Gym, It smells good when learning (Mireille Dürig, Kinessence and Marc Ivo Böhning, Aromarc)
  • Cross-crawl and lazy eights (Mireille Dürig, Kinessence)
  • Preparation for the equivalence process for the OrTra branch certificate – essay writing

In 2016

  • Non Violent Communication (NVC) in therapeutic work (Angela Boss, for KineSuisse)

In 2013

  • Energy dams (Michel Martinat, IHS)

Page last updated December 2020

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