Precision muscle testing considers the body as a mechanism capable of revealing its own
deficiencies and at the same time indicating how to correct them.

In kinesiology, we consider the body wholistically. The body is its own best source of
information about what is good or disturbing. When stress disrupts health, the subconscious mind knows what has happened and how. It also knows what needs to be done to restore balance. Everything that we have heard, felt, touched and tasted since our conception, as well as all our resulting thoughts and emotions are continuously imprinted, second after second, in our subconscious mind.

A kinesiology session typically takes place as follows:

  1. I listen to why you have come to see me what you have to say. and.
  2. I access your subconscious mind through precision muscle testing.
  3. I question your body to find out what happened, when, and how.
  4. I ask what technique to use to restore balance.
  5. I reactivate energy flow using numerous proven techniques, while also explaining the symbolism of each procedure (Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Wellness Kinesiology, One Brain – Three in One Concepts, Energy Dams).
  6. I verify with precision muscle testing that balance has been restored, and conclude by anchoring your new choices and new positive behaviours.

muscle testing

What is precision muscle testing ?

I apply gentle pressure to your arms. If they resist in response to the questioning or protocols, this is how the body communicates that the tested subjects are not involved as stressors.
If the arms yield, this indicates that these subjects are stressors and that I must invoke corrections in order to restore and mobilize your energy, for you to achieve your goal with ease, by releasing stress.

Touch for Health

Touch for Health highlights body blockages by means of simple muscle testing. This technique identifies and then balances these areas using acupressure, Chinese energy theory and massaging specific body points.

Touch for Health has been very effective for over 30 years worldwide. This natural healing method is fundamental to the various methods of specialized kinesiology.

More information on Touch for Health is available on the International Kinesiology College website.

Brain Gym

“Movement is the door to learning” – Paul E. Dennison

This kinesiology approach can be useful for improving learning—at school, in the office, at home and in the many tasks of daily life, such as reading, writing, maths, passing exams, creativity, organization, adaptation, concentration, memory, accounting, foreign languages, music, dance, driving a vehicle …

The term Brain Gym® refers to a set of 26 core Educational Kinesiology® activities, originally designed to improve responses to learning difficulties. Educational Kinesiology® uses movement, along with motor and artistic activities to develop our potential.

More information is available on the Brain Gym International website.

Wellness Kinesiology

Wellness Kinesiology helps you achieve success and tackles issues such as stress, low self-esteem, anxiety, changes in habits, or limiting beliefs.

Wellness Kinesiology rebalances the body’s responses to all aspects of stress by synthesizing Touch for Health techniques, Emotional Release Technique (EFT), other kinesiology techniques and stress management modalities.

More information is available on the Wellness Kinesiology website.

One Brain – Three in One Concepts

One Brain – Three in One Concepts is more psychological in its approach than other specialized kinesiology methods. It identifies, at conscious, subconscious and body levels, beliefs that have coalesced to produce failure schemes.

One Brain facilitates a change in perception of the relationship between our selves and the outside world by consciously identifying and then defusing blockages. It also enables you to make clear and creative choices for yourself.

Read more information on the Three-In-One Concepts website.

Energy Dams

Energy Dams are barriers, obstacles, impediments, or prohibitions of all kinds (conscious or unconscious) causing you to avoid being, doing, realizing, achieving, et cetera—whether generally in your life or in response to a specific situation. I remove energy dams on the 7 main chakras. I use the voice to create a vibration, which then removes the dam and allows the energy flow to resume.

French specialized kinesiologist Michel Martinat instructed me in this method which he has synthesized from Canadian, Belgian and French research.

Page last updated December 2020.

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